Pleased to announce the arrival of “Death Hoax”

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NPR Tiny Desk Concert 2017 Submission

Always loved the Tiny Desk Concert idea and have been turned on to some great music over the years by tuning in from time to time. Figured TG4S was ripe for a setting like this so we asked our good friend Michael Spencer to shoot us while we futzed about. We had fun together as we always do and made some cool music. If you enjoy please share or tell a couple of your good friends to check it out. More good things to come from Science. Thank you.




Whoop, there it is. Tuesday’s used to be the traditional day for record releases but I don’t think any of that matters anymore. It certainly doesn’t in this case. It was more just a date to light a fire under my ass to have this thing finished up. I managed to do so and here we are.There will be a delay before it shows up on iTunes and the other outlets if that is where you find your music. Things take time. I like to use Bandcamp myself and encourage you to purchase thru them. If not CDBaby is up and running as well. All you need to do is click on the player below and find your wallet. We will be out and about playing if you need proof. Dates are here. Thank you for listening and thank you for flying Science Airlines.








In the finishing stages of “Volume 1” from Thank God For Science and thought maybe a little added boost financially to get the CD’s manufactured wouldn’t be too much a strain on folks who like supporting the arts and more specifically, enjoy what this group has to offer. I’m not giving away Tote bags, throw pillows or anything of that nature. Strictly music. There are 2 mediums: Digital Download for those who keep it all in their smartphones or devices and CD’s who appreciate the artwork included in that format. There is a third tier of support which simply gets you the CD and a ticket to the release show at Armory Sound where the record was made. Its limited to 40 due to space. It will be on Sunday, June 5 around dinner time. Manageable for those who don’t want to be out all hours of the night. Anyhow, I appreciate the support and genuine comments we have received since this project got of the ground and I am really proud to share this record with you all.







RIP Tweed. Wasn’t easy decision but it was best for all involved. Memories will live on and hopefully this style festival will influence the many that will no doubt follow. That said its time to move on to more music to help soothe things. Thank God For Science lights the bunson burners for a couple shows at TOAD as well as a bill with Ali McGuirk and Lyle Brewer at Lizard Lounge. I will be going into the studio to record some modern soul music with Ali and her fabulous band at Armory Studios in Somerville. Looking forward to it big time! The Curtis Mayflower is recording album number 2 at Wooly Mammoth studios with Dave Westner and then its off to Europe at the beginning of March with Foucault/Delmhorst and crew. Really looking forward to what this year has to offer.


SO LONG 2015, HELLO 2016

As a touring musician, I am fortunate enough to see and experience life in little vignettes. The past year brought me to a slew of different landscapes and I am still digesting all the data my senses took in. The music was excellent and it feels great to be out working again. I’m looking forward to what 2016 has to offer. A new Mayflower record begins at the end of January. I finally release my damn solo record after a year of tinkering. I will be continuing my touring with Jeffrey Foucault overseas and here in the States. Some big Heretix shows are being lined up. A couple new producing gigs on the horizon that I’m super excited about. All in all, I’m happy to keep keeping on.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and see you in the New Year.



It has been an interesting step back into the world of touring. Jeffrey Foucault’s new record “Salt As Wolves” is on the front end of its release which means we are busy supporting and playing all over the country. More recently the Midwest and coming up shortly, the West and East Coasts respectively. Then it is on to Europe in March for a couple weeks. This is a very good record and a very good band. I think we calculated a shared 120+ years of touring between all the members. That lead to a tangent of how many miles we have put together which resulted in a far more impressive number. But tallies aside, I couldn’t be more proud to be part of a band comprised of such talent and graciousness. To have been part of such a highly refined piece of art, both lyrically and musically, only deepens and solidifies my devotion to the life I have chosen. The NY Times wrote a nice article on the record and managed to shout out all the players by name and what they brought to the table. In my experience this is rare. Album credits and the availability to discover them (in the digital format) have become diminished which I find to be detrimental to the comprehension of recorded music. Hopefully that changes. I don’t think I am the only geezer who grew up with LP’s and CD’s who devoured the images and statistics like those on baseball cards. Regardless, I think this guy nailed my approach to bass playing.

In the middle of all this I have been fortunate enough to do some dates with the legendary Booker T Jones. When you get a phone call from someone like this asking if you could do a few sub dates in (of all places) Hawaii, it is by definition, a “no-brainer”. This will be a milestone for me as it will be the 50th state visited and performed in. I am really looking forward to all of the upcoming adventures and could not be more thankful to my family for supporting me while we navigate the schedules, childcare, airport rides and day to day life that doesn’t make the ridiculous social networking headlines. I am very fortunate and I don’t take it for granted one bit. See you out there?



It’s official: we are on the other side of Tweed. It happened. Nine months of planning, projecting, adjusting, compensating, crying, laughing, apologizing, pacing, counting, waiting, anticipating…it has come and gone like any other weekend in time. The amount of positive feedback has been overwhelming. The musicians themselves have moved on down the road to new gigs, new tours and I can still hear them buzzing from their respective stages while I sit in front of this computer in Pawtucket, RI. What comes next is slowly being pulled out of the air and galvanized into some sort of schedule. More music really. “Thank God For Science”, which is the working title of my instrumental record is ready to mix. Orchestra Morphine Horns recently lent some studio magic and really just put things over the top. I will take the early slot before The Blue Ribbons on Tuesdays at TOAD in Cambridge to break in the tunes with this crew and Im really looking forward to it. After that you can find us at Store 54 in Allston with Beware The Dangers Of The Ghost Scorpion sharing the bill on October 2 and then October 3 in  Providence at Nick-A-Nees. The Curtis Mayflower will be unloading a batch of new songs and material to flesh out and finish recording to set ourselves up for a release in 2016. I will be joining Jeffrey Foucault along with my pals Billy Conway, Bo Ramsey and Caitlin Canty (who opens the shows as well)on a bunch of dates thru the fall in the Midwest and West Coast and Europe in the new year all in support of his best work yet “Salt As Wolves”.  Booker T just rang and asked me to fill in for some dates on Fantasy Island. More info on that as it comes in. All in all I’d say I have a fine Fall season shaping up and again could not be more grateful for the community of people that are all a part of this ride.




It seems to be the industry norm to release new music on Tuesdays. But being that the “industry” is neither normal and the following isn’t exactly shiny and new, I figured I would let a song out into the world today, Sunday June 14th. Wayward People Hearts is a project my good friend Michael Press and I have had since our days running a restaurant night club together in Killington, VT and playing in a rock and roll band named Sticky. The ‘Gourmet Roadhouse’ (as we referred to it on our T-shirts and business cards) was called Toadstool Harry’s. Maybe you remember it. Good chance you don’t. If you do remember it please write me and tell me your stories as I am trying to piece it all together myself. It was fairly Dionysian in retrospect and remained (for the most part) within legal boundaries as far as the State was concerned  but what it really was, was a hot-bed for song material. From the hangers on, to the alcoholics, to the transient post college workforce, to the drug addicts, to the foodies, the gardeners, ski bums, touring musicians, cats and dogs…you name it really, there was always something worthy of a song brewing inside those walls. Mind you most of the material that we harvested together made its way onto two Sticky records. ‘Nooner’ and ‘All Kindsa Worry’. But a fair amount found its way to solo records by both Michael and I with a few that were finally hashed out together out in San Diego back in 2010. Almost 10 years after the closing of Harry’s. I spent some time doing some overdubs with some fine people and then mixed them on two separate occasions with two different engineers. I finally got them mastered and up onto Bandcamp. If anything its always comforting to think back on those times as they were real adventures in survival. Both personal and artistic. Have a listen and I do hope you enjoy.





I have been working on a record of instrumental tunes. Songs that I have written over the past 3-4 years that have gone thru a few changes during the demo phases but come Fall, will be in a finished state. It is something I have wanted to do for awhile now and was finally able to find time, a studio and great people to get involved. Marc Pinansky whose work I have long admired from Runner and The Thermodynamics to Township to Bored Of Health has been producing and I could not be more grateful. His ears and attention to the devils’ details within the harmony, melody and overall landscape have really helped these tunes come around to a place further out than I imagined. To find someone who comprehends your vision is half the battle when making records. That said, the players involved are tremendous humans in their own right. James Rohr on Keys and Mike Castellana on guitar (both courtesy of The Blue Ribbons) chewed this stuff up and made this ‘sonic landfill’ of songs an extremely comfortable place to inhabit. The knowledge they possess and the freedom to peruse the possibilities available to the songs is inspiring and completely liberating. Pete Maclean who holds the drum chair in Township played beautifully. Completely musical. Completely solid. A pocket like his is something most drummers spend many years striving for. As a bassist I can honestly say I have never felt more comfortable. These gents were the core band as we tracked basics and I can not thank them enough.

Recently we went into do some overdubs. Barry Rothman was called in to add his bizarre dimension of sound via record players, amps and pedals and did just that. It makes a lot of sense in context. What Barry does is hard to put into words but I can say that when he taps into something, be it a spoken word piece, an ambient sound collage, some odd sample of detuned animals, or some alchemic cocktail of all those ingredients, it is uncanny how well it fits and really spins your art/music into another head space. I think it is highly refined for something that can comes across so chaotic.

Laurence Scudder dropped by and delivered some absolutely gorgeous Viola parts. Layers of melodies that paint a gaggle of string quartets along with atmospheric lines that are effected and amplified added so much color to the overall. He is a busy musician and there is no doubt as to why. He is a great player and a great hang.

Behind the board is the great Dave Westner. For those of you who are familiar with him, I can just leave it at that. For those who do not, Dave is about the best there is. There is no worrying about things working correctly, things taking too long or things sounding “off”. His ears are dialed in and being the humble (understatement) musician he is, things just always sound incredible and true to what you put into it. He is my go to for pretty much anything Im involved with recording wise. From production to mixing, Dave rules.

I have some more to do like some horns and random spoken stuff. Im just shy of that scene in Walk Hard where Dewey is going thru his “Brian Wilson phase” chasing the perfect goat sounds…well maybe not that bad but I will say there is a lot going on. More than I anticipated but it really has been smooth sailing thanks in large part to the people involved. I think September / October is a safe bet to see this thing available in whatever format people need it. Until then, then.