In the finishing stages of “Volume 1” from Thank God For Science and thought maybe a little added boost financially to get the CD’s manufactured wouldn’t be too much a strain on folks who like supporting the arts and more specifically, enjoy what this group has to offer. I’m not giving away Tote bags, throw pillows or anything of that nature. Strictly music. There are 2 mediums: Digital Download for those who keep it all in their smartphones or devices and CD’s who appreciate the artwork included in that format. There is a third tier of support which simply gets you the CD and a ticket to the release show at Armory Sound where the record was made. Its limited to 40 due to space. It will be on Sunday, June 5 around dinner time. Manageable for those who don’t want to be out all hours of the night. Anyhow, I appreciate the support and genuine comments we have received since this project got of the ground and I am really proud to share this record with you all.