It seems to be the industry norm to release new music on Tuesdays. But being that the “industry” is neither normal and the following isn’t exactly shiny and new, I figured I would let a song out into the world today, Sunday June 14th. Wayward People Hearts is a project my good friend Michael Press and I have had since our days running a restaurant night club together in Killington, VT and playing in a rock and roll band named Sticky. The ‘Gourmet Roadhouse’ (as we referred to it on our T-shirts and business cards) was called Toadstool Harry’s. Maybe you remember it. Good chance you don’t. If you do remember it please write me and tell me your stories as I am trying to piece it all together myself. It was fairly Dionysian in retrospect and remained (for the most part) within legal boundaries as far as the State was concerned  but what it really was, was a hot-bed for song material. From the hangers on, to the alcoholics, to the transient post college workforce, to the drug addicts, to the foodies, the gardeners, ski bums, touring musicians, cats and dogs…you name it really, there was always something worthy of a song brewing inside those walls. Mind you most of the material that we harvested together made its way onto two Sticky records. ‘Nooner’ and ‘All Kindsa Worry’. But a fair amount found its way to solo records by both Michael and I with a few that were finally hashed out together out in San Diego back in 2010. Almost 10 years after the closing of Harry’s. I spent some time doing some overdubs with some fine people and then mixed them on two separate occasions with two different engineers. I finally got them mastered and up onto Bandcamp. If anything its always comforting to think back on those times as they were real adventures in survival. Both personal and artistic. Have a listen and I do hope you enjoy.