I’m a bass player for hire. “Bass: gotta have it.” There are dates on where to find me should you need to, want to. I have listed many of the artists I have been involved with over the years. When I am not touring with other folks, I stay busy with a band called The Curtis Mayflower and a solo project called Thank God For Science. I have made one (eponymously titled) solo record of original songs and recently released “Volume One” by Thank God For Science a record of all original instrumentals. That will make two if you are keeping score at home. I produce records for people as well. Helping navigate the creation process from the demo stage thru to the finished product has been a very valuable skill to acquire as a working musician. I also spent 7 years curating the  Tweed River Music Festival . Tweed is no longer but the education and energy it created will live on for many years to come. I juggle as much as I can along with responsibilities of having a family and I feel very fortunate to be doing so. Very grateful to be making music happen while I’m here.



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