Thank God For Science is an instrumental band comprised of many characters. All of whom contribute genuine musical gumption to help shape and shift a collection of compositions into accessible listening. Jeremy Moses Curtis (Booker T, Jeffrey Foucault, Tweed River Music Festival) penned the first two volumes while settling into Fatherhood after a long run of touring throughout the world as a bassist for hire. On keyboards: James Rohr and on guitar: Mike Castellana. Both from one of the most well respected groups in Boston, The Blue Ribbons. On drums, the great Peter MacLean (Township, Maceo Parker). A drummer who can easily induce a meditation on “pocket” and foundation after a mere 8 bars. Laurence Scudder (Spotted Tiger, Ryan Montblau) adds his blend of natural and effected Viola while Barry Rothman (Radio Swan, Kosher Ham) spins records on vintage turntables via effect pedals to create an atmosphere that is wholly unique.

“Volume One” is set for independent release on May 24th, 2016. Produced by Marc Pinansky (Township, Bored Of Health) and engineered by Dave Westner (Peter Wolf, Wooly Mammoth Sound), Thank God For Science recorded the album at Armory Sound in Somerville, MA in March of 2015. Since then, horns, woodwinds and spoken word have been overdubbed to finish assembly on a rare take of musical genre and song architecture. The band will tour supporting the release for the foreseeable future while setting the stage for “Volume Two”. Tour dates and all information are available at