Fall is here apparently. Today would show no indication of that unless you are one who notices a difference in where the shadows reside. Summer provided many things this year: the beautiful weather was more than fair retrobution for the pain in the ass Winter, my eyes were opened to new apertures that located some blind spots in my life,  I started writing music again for my own peace of mind and I finally got around to watching True Detective. Holy shit was that refreshing. Still not sure why everybody had trouble with the story/message or what have you but I thought it was pretty clear and watched like a good book reads. I was also able to see some fantastic music, participate in a lot of it and made some plans for more of it in the coming months. So I got to thinking that I have been doing this music stuff for a good while now and I can honestly say that while navigating the shitty business side of it can be equated to brushing your teeth with gravel, to be able to witness the beauty and redemption that comes with a performance chock full of conviction and genuine heart is why I keep going….and I was lucky to see a lot of that.


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