I have been working on a record of instrumental tunes. Songs that I have written over the past 3-4 years that have gone thru a few changes during the demo phases but come Fall, will be in a finished state. It is something I have wanted to do for awhile now and was finally able to find time, a studio and great people to get involved. Marc Pinansky whose work I have long admired from Runner and The Thermodynamics to Township to Bored Of Health has been producing and I could not be more grateful. His ears and attention to the devils’ details within the harmony, melody and overall landscape have really helped these tunes come around to a place further out than I imagined. To find someone who comprehends your vision is half the battle when making records. That said, the players involved are tremendous humans in their own right. James Rohr on Keys and Mike Castellana on guitar (both courtesy of The Blue Ribbons) chewed this stuff up and made this ‘sonic landfill’ of songs an extremely comfortable place to inhabit. The knowledge they possess and the freedom to peruse the possibilities available to the songs is inspiring and completely liberating. Pete Maclean who holds the drum chair in Township played beautifully. Completely musical. Completely solid. A pocket like his is something most drummers spend many years striving for. As a bassist I can honestly say I have never felt more comfortable. These gents were the core band as we tracked basics and I can not thank them enough.

Recently we went into do some overdubs. Barry Rothman was called in to add his bizarre dimension of sound via record players, amps and pedals and did just that. It makes a lot of sense in context. What Barry does is hard to put into words but I can say that when he taps into something, be it a spoken word piece, an ambient sound collage, some odd sample of detuned animals, or some alchemic cocktail of all those ingredients, it is uncanny how well it fits and really spins your art/music into another head space. I think it is highly refined for something that can comes across so chaotic.

Laurence Scudder dropped by and delivered some absolutely gorgeous Viola parts. Layers of melodies that paint a gaggle of string quartets along with atmospheric lines that are effected and amplified added so much color to the overall. He is a busy musician and there is no doubt as to why. He is a great player and a great hang.

Behind the board is the great Dave Westner. For those of you who are familiar with him, I can just leave it at that. For those who do not, Dave is about the best there is. There is no worrying about things working correctly, things taking too long or things sounding “off”. His ears are dialed in and being the humble (understatement) musician he is, things just always sound incredible and true to what you put into it. He is my go to for pretty much anything Im involved with recording wise. From production to mixing, Dave rules.

I have some more to do like some horns and random spoken stuff. Im just shy of that scene in Walk Hard where Dewey is going thru his “Brian Wilson phase” chasing the perfect goat sounds…well maybe not that bad but I will say there is a lot going on. More than I anticipated but it really has been smooth sailing thanks in large part to the people involved. I think September / October is a safe bet to see this thing available in whatever format people need it. Until then, then.





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