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I remember pretty vividly the first time I had seen the Heretix. It was at Bill’s Bar on Landsowne Street in Boston. I had just started painting houses with my friends Murphy, Bow and a fellow named Mikey. Rock and Roll Painters if you will. I’ll admit I was pretty green when I was introduced to this whole new scene but was more than willing to do my homework to get to know who and what these guys were crushing and railing on while we slopped paint on to some suburban house in Melrose. Mikey invited me to see “his band” on a Friday and put me on the guest list. I want to say The Jesus Lizrd headlined but I very well may have my dates confused…regardless, when The Heretix started playing I was really taken. Marvin beating the living shit out of the kit with such loyalty to the groove, Mikey’s big bright piano-stringed sounding bass joining him, Brian’s guitar like a machete thru a Marshall and then Ray. One look at Ray and you’d think this guy was Beelzabub. Handsome dude with a head of long black hair ready to coerce you into their world simply by singing and hitting those downbeats on the electric guitar. And when he sang, it was a force. A melodic force. Together they were like another element. The songs were strong. The playing was top notch and the energy was just incredible. It truly opened my eyes to what it meant to be a rock band. I can still smell it and my ears are still ringing. But then again that could be because I rehearsed with them the other night for this upcoming show at The Paradise on Sunday, October 5th. I couldn’t be more honored and pleased. We have since lost Mikey and we miss him. I will do my best to fill out the low end and give my thanks for putting me on the guest list all those years ago.


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